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Chris Pechin

Chris Pechin,
Storyboard Artist (ADG)
Director (DGA)

Telephone: 818-903-2560
Email: chris@peachprods.com

Director Resume Storyboard Resume

Chris Pechin has been drawing storyboards for Feature Films, Television Movies, Episodic TV, Reality TV, Commercials and Books for over 20 years.

He has been a Coordinating Producer and Director for three network, prime-time, top 10 television shows.

Working with an easel in a production meetings, Chris makes brainstorming come to life in a form that can be sent to film or network executives for changes or approvals before production begins.

He has used storyboarding to maximize the production value and minimize the production costs on every project.

Director Resume

Chris Pechin (“Peach in”) has directed and/or written and acted as Supervising Producer on four top ten Reality shows and directed all over the world including China, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Canada, Scotland, and Germany. He has also directed episodic, 2nd unit action and stunts for features and television, commercials and theater.

Peabody Award: for producing, directing, and writing “Little Rock Central High”

Nominations for Golden Globes on the three of the following:

“Silk Stalkings”, USA network, multiples Chris Potter, Janet Gunn stars
“Rocco’s Star”, NBC, Billy Hufsey
“Shades of LA”, Premiere Network, John D’Aquino, Summer Shofi stars
“Fire on the 39th Floor”, CBS director 2nd Unit
“Tarzan in Manhattan”, CBS, director 2nd Unit
“Rescue 911” CBS, Show director (3) and episode director (110 episodes, four countries)
“That’s Incredible” ABC Senior (Supervising) Producer. Show writer. Director of Field segments.
“Guinness Book of Records Prime Time” FOX Director
“Bat 21”, asst director, 2nd Unit, Gene Hackman, Danny Glover
“Boot Camp” FOX, Supervising Producer/Director of Challenge events.
(“Survivor” in military camp)

Other Reality Series as Director and/or Producer, Field Producer, Writer (Over 350 segments)

“Rescue 911”, “It’s a Miracle”, “Unsolved Mysteries”, “Beach Patrol”, “Ordinary/Extraordinary,” “America,” “Beyond Chance”, “The Home Show”, “Incredible Sunday”, “You Asked for It,” “Amazing Animals”, “On Trial, “Photoplay”, “Thicke of The Night”, “New Attitudes”, “Kids Say the Darndest Things”, “Houdini”, “Secrets of War”, “What Happened”, “Forever Young” From 2003 to present: Previz, stunt consultant/designer for, Ivan Reitman’s “No Strings Attached“, Adam McKay’s “The Other Guys”, Brett Ratner’s TV pilot, “CHAOS”, Will Smith’s “Seven Pounds”, “Free Willy 4”,“Kites” (Bollywood feature), “The Mentalist”, “The Closer”, “The Office” “Criminal Minds”, “Ugly Betty”, “Dexter”, “Two and a Half Men” and more.

Storyboard Credits

Feature Films
“The Other Guys” Director: Adam McKay (Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes) August 2010 release, lead artist.
“No Strings Attached”, box office champ January 2011, Director; Ivan Reitman (Ashton Kutcher, Natalie Portman)
“Kites” and “Kites Remix” Brett Ratner, and in Bollywood, Rakesh Roshan, Producer
“Seven Pounds”, Director: Gabriele Muccino , (Will Smith, Rosario Dawson) Production Designer: J. Michael Riva
“Free Willy” (South Africa), Warner Bros. Will Geiger, Director (starring Binde Irvin, daughter of Steve Irwin).
“Their Eyes were Watching God”, Harpo (Oprah Winfrey) Productions, starring Halle Berry
“Homerus Americanus” (pre production) Director: Peter Markle
(Additional titles available)

“C.H.A.O.S” 2010 pilot, Director: Brett Ratner
“The Cape”, 2010 pilot, Director: Simon West.
“Torchwood” episodes, “Team Spitz” 2010 pilot: Director: Ted Wass
“The Office” NBC
“The Mentalist” CBS
“The Closer” (multiples)
“Dexter” (multiples)
“Criminal Minds” CBS (multiples)
“Ugly Betty” (multiples)
“Two and a half Men” ABC
“Meteor” (two 2 hour movies for television as miniseries)
“S.I.S.”, pilot for SPIKE TV “12 Miles of bad Road” HBO Pilot
“Starting Over” Fox Pilot (Farrelly Bros.) (Additional titles available)

“Red Faction 4” THQ, Marty Kline, Art Director
“Saints Row 3” THQ. Marty Kline, Matt Flegel, Art directors

Ford Jeep, Mercedes, Coke, Sony, Smirnoff Vodka, Connecticut Lottery

Client Testimonials

“YES, YES, and YES. We gotta have you make a cameo in the movie!!!!!”

John Herzfeld
Writer/Director/Producer, “Reach Me”

“Thanks Chris Pechin – you are a REAL ROCK STAR!”

Rebekah Chaney
Producer, “Reach Me”

“Wow, love the technical stuff…really helpful.”

Tudor Boloni
Art Direction, “Reach Me”

“OK I have to take a moment and tell you that you have to be THE MOST talented story board artist that I have EVER worked with! Your boards are amazing! Wow.”

Elia Popov
Visual Effects, “Reach Me”

“It was the typical production nightmare: thin budget, tight schedule, heavy effects, and producers who were saying it couldn¹t be done. Chris Pechin rode to the rescue. Using an artist’s hand and a director¹s eye, he rendered in a few days a plausible and clear shot-map vision of what was going to be filmed. His storyboards were invaluable to the success of the project.”

Kim LeMasters
Executive Producer/Director, “Power Wars”, former President, CBS

“I’ve admired Chris Pechin’s work for over twenty years. A consumate professional, his storyboarding skills are surpassed only by his cinematic knowledge and intuition. When a director or producer brings him onto a project they get more than an artist, they get a highly experienced collaborator.”

Tom Blomquist
Executive Producer-Writer, Catherine Marshall’s “Christy”

“Chris, you should put me down as a reference, any time, because I can sing your praises till the cows come home. Did you save our ass? Many times. I’d be more than happy to call other producers on your behalf and sing your praises.”

J. J. Jamieson
Enlightening Ent.